PECH 1001


Dr. Farid Youssef is the Course Lecturer, Mrs. Stella Williams is the Course Co-ordinator, Mrs. Allison Shepherd is the Course Instructor and Rae-ann Smith is one of 12 Tutors of the course.

PECH 1001 is specifically designed to anchor budding health professionals with the philosophical underpinnings needed to guide them throughout their career. PECH 1001 encourages them to uncover core values that are necessary to understand themselves and their society.

General Aims

This course introduces and sensitizes students to:

  1. The requirements, responsibilities and broad objectives of "Professionalism and Ethics" in the context of health and against a backdrop of their role as potential healthcare providers;
  2. The concept of self-reflection and its impact on personal growth and development;
  3. The models of health and the benefits derived from adopting the holistic model;
  4. The notion of empathy, the various dimensions of empathy and practical applications of empathy in clinical settings
  5. The unwritten contractual arrangement which guides your deportment.

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