Professionalism, Ethics and Communication in Health

PECH courses (1001, 1101, 1102, 2001, 2101 and OSCE Skills Lab) are designed to introduce Medical Sciences students to the principles of communication with the aim of improving overall communication in the workplace. They also seek to discuss strategies for demonstrating empathetic behaviour, as well as, adopting well-balanced and holistic approaches to working in the health industry.

The Courses


PECH 1001, 1101 & 1102

The PECH Year 1 Foundation Courses are a requirement for all the Schools (MBBS, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, Pharmacy and Optometry) in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, St. Augustine. The cohort of 500+ students are taught by 12 Part Time Tutors. I am one of them.

Follow the links below to learn more about each course:

  1. PECH 1001: The Health Professional & Society
  2. PECH 1101: Communication Skills
  3. PECH 1102: Practicum
  4. COMS 1002: Communication Skills for the Health Professions 


PECH 2001 & 2101

The PECH Year 2 courses are MBBS specific and focuses on client care as the core element of the healthcare process. I teach 20+ MBBS students out of a cohort of 200+.

Follow the links below to learn more about each course:
  1. PECH 2001: The Health Professional and Client Care
  2. PECH 2101: Communication Skills & Healthcare Interactions



The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Skills Lab for PECH is an MBBS Year 3 module that is taught in 2 sessions across a 6 week rotation. I review the medical interview with 4 groups, focusing on the practical skills needed to master the techniques. 

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