COMS 1002

Communication Skills for the Health Professions 

This course was delivered online via myeLearning to Medical Sciences students at School of Pharmacy, completing their BSc. in Pharmacy.  


Course Assessment

Coursework constitutes 50% of the final grade while a final examination constitutes the other 50%.

Graded Course Assignments = 50%

♦ Assignment 1 - Breaking bad news [pair work] 15%

♦ Assignment 2 - Case conferencing [group work] 15%

♦ Assignment 3 - Inter-workshop debate [group work] 10%

♦ Assignment 4 - Educating the public [group work] 10%

TOTAL: 50%


To formulate and illustrate the range of communication styles, methods and skills medical practitioners need to become competent in dealing with patients and the public.


At the end of this course students were able to:

  • Apply principles of effective communication to counselling and clinical instruction situations, and to professional interactions.
  • Choose effective counselling techniques, referral strategies in clinical settings as well as the proper approach to convey sad news to a patient or client.
  • Critically defend a position or issue relating to health.
  • Devise appropriate methods and strategies for clinical instruction and patient education.
  • Plan an appropriate strategy to convey a message to a mass audience using technology.
  • Apply communication techniques to improve care of patients or clients from diverse cultures.